Born: August 22, 1996
I began performing with my church worship team when I was 13. My worship pastor said that I needed to sing solos since I could be heard over everyone anyway. It was that push, and a lot of pushing from many others, that made me start performing and singing alone. Without those people I never would have started doing what I am doing now. Thanks everyone! I have grown up in a very small town in northwestern Pennsylvania on a little farm with my Mom, Dad and younger brother, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my childhood. Two things in life I have always found joy in are singing and making people smile, so I am extremely excited to use my favorite things to make people happy! God Bless! <3
Color: Pink and teal
Food: Anything Italian!
Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
Store: American Eagle
Female singer: Taylor Swift, Lauren Alaina, and Carrie Underwood
Male singer: Scotty McCreary and Hunter Hayes
Sport: Cheerleading
Movie: Marvel’s Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman
Hobbies: Facebook, Pinterest, hanging out with my best friends, going to camp, and shopping.